Although it has been established for a long time, JÖRGER – the century brand is still leading with the most luxurious design style in Europe. So what secret technique has helped JÖRGER get to where it is today?


The foundation for modern architecture originated from Mr. Bernhard Jörger, who was responsible for the royal bathroom facilities of the Mannheim Palace, the court of Friedrich II, and the Republic of Baden.

Thanks to his talent and breakthrough thinking. In 1909 he decided to build a company with his father Albert to create the JÖRGER brand.

But the resounding success and historic milestone were in 1965, Gerhard E. Jörger – son of Bernhard Jörger, with his timeless creativity, set new standards for exclusive craftsmanship. In this case, the designs are a bit modern according to classical theory, drawing on the aesthetic noble house. Until now, this philosophy still exists, becoming the pride of the upper-class style. 


JÖRGER represents the Coordinated design style – a blend of ancient beauty but no less modern, creating perfect user experiences.

With more than 100 years of art and passion, JÖRGER presents exquisite masterpieces in every detail, exquisitely crafted by German artisans, affirming the brand’s value.


Jörger’s distinction also comes from the finest quality materials.

JÖRGER – manufactured from precious stones such as Swarovski, white porcelain, or black crystal. All are through a careful selection process to ensure that it matches the original design, wanting to increase the perfection, meticulous to every corner, bringing pure beauty, surface finishing to the last step.


Each piece is 100% handmade by skilled German artisans. They not only create products but also create masterpieces, a premise to honor the hundred-year-old brand. Synchronizing from traditional values to design inspiration, pioneering ancient and modern designs. 

JÖRGER – The first choice of the upper class, affirming aesthetic gout and the prestigious position of the owner.


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