Creating a living space has always been considered an art. Not only enhancing the spaces, but the interior design also helps the work to be completed in terms of construction, ensuring full features to make the room as comfortable as possible. In modern development, design styles become more diverse and unique innovations.

In particular, the stylish, unique, and durable tile floor creates a flooring construction. The year 2022 is a milestone marking the return, leading the trend of ceramic tiles, changes in patterns, shapes, and designs to create bright and eye-catching new looks for living spaces.


Wood imitation tiles are suitable for warm, rustic styles. Owning tones such as brown, yellow, and gray create a natural and comfortable feeling throughout the bathroom space. A helpful alternative to overcome the limitations of wooden planks.

The remarkable merits of imitation wood tiles are high waterproofing ability, good bearing capacity, anti-slip, scratch-resistant, solid brick structure, hard to break, and cost-effectiveness. According to feng shui, wooden tiles are suitable for people with par Kim and par Thuy, helping users to absorb lucky and peaceful energy.


Elegant marble floors have existed for centuries, but marble is rare and hard to construct. Marble floor tiles will surprise you when you do unimaginable things.

On the market, marble tiles appear in many different colors, with a wide range of colors that will expand unique and enjoyable choices for users. If you love modernity, marble tile will make you happy, but it is also very suitable for country style with warm and natural tones. 

Large size tiles will help your bathroom space be expanded and easier to clean.


Industrial style in recent years has marked a return in the occupation of architecture and interior design. Since then, concrete floor tiles or cement-colored bricks have gradually become popular. The beauty of concrete stands out in contemporary designs, contributing to creating a focal point for a modern space.

Choosing concrete tiles with neutral colors brings a rustic look with depth. These colors help the bathroom stay clean because it hides stains quite well.


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