The toilet is one of the indispensable items in every bathroom. With the continuous development of production technologies and increasing requirements of consumers, toilet products nowadays not only have improvements in design but also come with technology options that can be integrated and used on toilet products.

Choosing a suitable toilet model is related to space aesthetics, convenience in use as well as directly affects hygiene and health of family members.

Let’s take a look at seven features to consider before deciding to choose a toilet:

1. Designs

Depending on our preferences or overall design style, we can choose oval, square, round, or even out of the ordinary with a spiral toilet.

2. Do toilets save water?

Not to mention macro issues such as environmental protection or ensuring clean water for future generations, wasting water directly affects family happiness through the numbers on the monthly bill. One of the biggest causes of water waste is using the toilet.

Usually, we lose 5-6L of water per flush, a large amount of water but not always necessary. Therefore, we should choose toilets with 3/4.5L dual flushing mode, reducing water use and optimizing saving efficiency with two separate flushing options.

Let’s take a look at the Innoci toilet’s water-saving problem, which is detailed below:

3. Is the exhaust durable?

After using it for a while, the toilet flusher will appear in several situations such as water going down the tank slowly, the button paralyzed or the lever broken, the water leaks after flushing causing waste,…

Therefore, when choosing a toilet, we should directly ask a consultant to open the toilet lid to check the internal flush. Some well-known international standard exhaust manufacturers such as WDI (USA) or Geberit (Germany) have been tested with a lifespan of more than 200,000 uses and a noise level lower than 20db

4. Is the quality of porcelain enamel good?

Depending on the geological characteristics of the raw material area, porcelain enamel will be glossy white or ivory white. However, enamel quality and product durability depend mainly on the firing technology of each manufacturer.

At Innoci, a sanitary ware brand from Germany, toilets are manufactured by an automatic process that meets European standards, in which porcelain is fired at a temperature of 1250oC, low hygroscopicity, 0.2 – 0.3%, low. more than the allowed rate of Europe, 0.5%; finished with 1.1mm thick enamel. This helps the product surface to be smooth, anti-fouling, and shiny through each cleaning, minimizing cracking during use.

5. What flushing system does the toilet use?

The flush system and the size of the drain pipe are the deciding factors for the toilet’s flushing performance. Innoci toilets use a powerful and extremely quiet vortex flushing system, avoiding sensitive noises when in use. In addition, the large size of the exhaust pipe helps to remove dirt extremely quickly without having to consume too much water.

An advantage of Innoci toilets that not all brands have is that the entire body of the rabbit is glazed. This prevents dirt from sticking to the surface, which is extremely effective in preventing odors.

6. The lid closes smoothly, easy to remove

One of the undeniable advantages of modern toilets is that the lid closes smoothly. This protects the lid from cracking when accidentally closed with force.

Many high-end models of Innoci toilets use ultra-thin lids made of UF (urea formaldehyde), the most prominent plus point of this material is scratch resistance and the ability to keep shiny colors.

Another remarkable thing about the Innoci toilet is that it only takes a few seconds to remove the cover from the body and reassemble it just as quickly.

7. The surface is easy to clean

The quality of porcelain enamel as mentioned in criterion 4, not only determines the aesthetics and durability of the product but also affects the hygiene. Innoci porcelain is coated with nanotechnology for a glossy and smooth surface, easy to clean with just a wet cloth without the use of detergents, helping to protect the enamel surface and prevent staining over time.


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