In feng shui, light represents the Fire element, one of the five elements that bring harmony and balance to any space. Possessing a light contributes to an equilibrium of yin energy (friendly, quiet energy symbolized by the moon and night) and yang energy (vivid, social, hot, and dry energy represented by the sun and day). The light in the house is weak, not only reducing the quality of life but also leading to health consequences that make a good living uncomfortably in your own living space. Here are a few tips UVS wants to convey to customers in creating the perfect living space.

There are two light sources that can use: natural light and artificial light. If you know the balance between these two light sources, you will maintain the best feng shui state for your home and workplace.


For architecture, light is medicine for health. Always make it a habit to pay attention to the amount of natural light entering the home during the day or the amount of artificial light set up inside the room. To get plenty of natural light, design large windows and use blinds or shades to regulate the amount of light in the room. Because sunlight does not always bring good effects during the day. The larger the window, the better the depth of light. In spaces such as the living room, kitchen, etc., Transparent glass windows extending from the ceiling to the floor can help the room look large and bright. The greater the depth of the house, the easier it is to lack light. So, skylights will be the best measure to improve the ability to get daylight.


Artificial light in Feng Shui needs to be used properly and enough. In resting spaces. We can use softer, reflective, or diffused light. In addition, we can use light to activate the energy of living spaces to choose the most suitable lighting solution.

A house is naturally an important place because it is the place to nurture our health, body, and spirit. Uu Viet Solutions hopes that when customers step into a living space with harmonious design and a reasonable layout, the sun can gently shine, and they will feel relaxed and regain their vital energy.

Ngôi nhà mặc nhiên là nơi quan trọng vì là nơi nuôi dưỡng sức khoẻ, thể chất, tinh thần cho chính chúng ta. Uu Viet Solutions hy vọng khi Quý khách hàng bước chân vào một không gian sống với thiết kế hài hoà, ánh sáng bố trí hợp lý, ánh mặt trời có thể chiếu rọi nhẹ nhàng sẽ thấy thư thái và lấy lại được năng lượng sống 


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