We have to say: Rarely have a “splendid” shower set like Cassidy!

From the soft, seductive curves of the lovely lady to the luxurious Champagne Bronze’s color create a classic masterpiece that is “heartbreaking” to bathroom enthusiasts.

Let's explore five classic Cassidy beauties from the Delta brand:

1. Instead of the usual rounded curve design in the classic European style, Cassidy owns an elegant and luxurious stylized curve, often seen in creative American designs.

2. Not unique and impressive, Cassidy’s shower can also be combined with three different types of knobs, making it easy for customers to select a combination according to their preferences.

3. Instead of using a single traditional shower, Cassidy also adds a miniature waterfall style, allowing customers to feel the soft waves flowing down from the shower head.

4. Cassidy uses PVD plating technology – an advanced metal physical vaporization method with the classic Champagne Bronze color to bring a splendid and classy beauty that is hard to find in any other collection.

5. The standout in the Cassidy Collection is the Venetian Bronze color with a classic look that is durable with the times that took customers unable to take their eyes off. Diverse your choices with other favorite colors like Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Polished Nickel.

In particular, Cassidy is also fully integrated with the most modern technologies from Delta: 

  • The first is H2Okinetic Technology: Rain shower technology gives three times more water coverage but saves water up to 30% compared to conventional showers.
  • Next is DIAMOND™ Seal Technology: Breakthrough technology of diamond-coated porcelain dishes, making faucets work smoother and ten times more durable than ordinary porcelain dishes.
  • And talking about the breakthrough in Delta technology, we can not ignore the ability to save water up to 20-40% of WaterSense® 

To demonstrate the quality of Delta, the leading premium shower and faucet brand in the US, we commit to a global 5-year warranty.


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