International Women’s Day is not only an opportunity to honor women but also a chance for us sisters to look back and spend more time with ourselves after so much effort.

To be known as a privilege for women, beauty also brings many benefits to the body and mind. For example, they help us to stay neat, attract people’s eyes, help us to be more confident and love life, etc. The need for beauty has since become an essential need.

Understanding that, BOD decided to give the “roses” of Uuviet Solutions (UVS) a workshop on skincare and makeup – the two best “weapons” of women.

Details of the program are as follows:

Time: Saturday, March 5, 2022, from 9:00am to 11:00am

Location: Office District 7

Attendees: All female staff at UVS

Content: Guide to skincare, makeup

Skin examination, moisture test on the skin, and advice to help improve skin

“Blend beauty in you” Uu Viet hopes everyone, especially women, will love themselves more because “You are beautiful when you are yourself”.

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Established in 2010, Uuviet Solutions (UVS) is a leading distributor of comprehensive solutions for bathroom furniture and high-end security equipment in Vietnam with more than 10 famous brands worldwide, ranging from super luxury class (Jörger) to the 5-star segment (Brizo, Delta, Axent, Bagnodesign, Bette, Innoci, etc.). Multi-style, multi-brand, multi-segment – there is always more than one optimal solution for each individual choice at Uuviet Solutions (UVS).

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